Clean & Simple

Revolutionize Your Cat's Litter Box with Bentonite: Cleaner, Safer, Happier.

100% Natural Bentonite

Carefully formulated with pure, natural ingredients, our premium cat litter prioritizes your pet's well-being.

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Low Tracking Formulation

Our cat litter no tracking formula ensures minimal mess, keeping your floors clean and your cat happy.

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Fast Clumping Magic

Crafted with precision, our premium natural cat litter boasts remarkable clumping capabilities.

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How does this control odors effectively?

This litter controls odors effectively through a unique blend of natural ingredients and heavy non-tracking granules that absorb moisture and odor on contact. The hard clumping formula also helps prevent odors from escaping the litter box.

How is the clumping ability of this litter?

This litter has excellent clumping ability, according to customers. The medium grain clay forms hard, tight clumps that don't break apart when scooped.

My cat is currently using a different litter brand. Will she accept GoodCatLitter?

Transitioning gradually is the key. Start with 2/3 old litter and 1/3 new, increasing the new litter over time so kitty can get used to it. By the time her box is 100% new litter, she’ll probably think the whole thing was her idea.

Why does this litter cost more?

We use the finest quality ingredients, free from artificial additives, preservatives, or fossil fuel-based oils, to enhance the properties of our litters. While it costs more, you'll save in the long run because it lasts twice as long and outperforms other brands.